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Serious bodily injuries and deaths too often occur as a result of faulty drugs, medical malpractice, traffic accidents, or mishaps in the workplace.
Mr. McCabe has been instrumental in obtaining substantial damage verdicts and settlements for injured persons and for the families of persons killed in such incidents.
Examples include:
  • a mother of two who died because of a diet drug
  • the widow and children of a truck driver killed in an accident during the construction of a parking garage in the Texas Medical Center
  • the family of a woman run over and killed by an 18-wheeler hauling debris from a demolished building in downtown Houston
  • a man paralyzed by a misplaced injection during treatment for back pain
  • a woman who lost her arms and legs due to an infection she caught in the hospital, 
  • a woman crushed against the side of her house by a forklift delivering siding from a home-improvement retailer.
  • abduction of oil rig workers off the coast of Africa
  • the sinking of an offshore oil rig in Mexican waters
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